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Language Link Plus has specialised in providing interpreters and translators for the legal sector for many years so we have built up extensive knowledge of how we can provide the best service possible to solicitors, barristers and the courts.

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When you need a legal interpreter, we understand that you don’t want to:
• use unskilled practitioners who may provide inaccurate translations
• waste time and money when an interpreter doesn’t turn up
• have the problem of dealing with multiple interpreters on a single case.

With Language Link Plus, you can rely on our interpreters for:
accuracy: our interpreters are carefully selected for their excellent language skills not just in the language they are translating but also in English. We use qualified interpreters for all but the rarest languages when there may be no qualified interpreters
reliability: our IT system sends email and text updates about bookings to our interpreters (including any changes) so they are never in doubt about where and when they are required
continuity: Language Link Plus does its utmost to provide the same interpreter for continuing hearings of the same case so you don’t have to waste time briefing new interpreters
maturity, professionalism and sensitivity: technical language skills are not enough in the demanding court environment. We only select interpreters who have the necessary personal attributes to discharge their duties professionally and sensitively.
We are often called upon to provide interpreters to courts at short notice when an interpreter booked from another company doesn’t turn up and there is the danger that the case may have to be postponed to another day. Click here to request an interpreting quote.

We know how critically important to the success of cases an accurate translation can be. That’s why we use only qualified translators who are experienced in completing translations on time.
Where necessary, we will allocate a translator who has appropriate experience of the subject matter of the translation.
Our new streamlined booking system allows translations to be allocated quickly to the appropriate translator, which means they can get started on the translation sooner. Click here to request a translation quote.

• honesty and integrity
• professional competence
• client confidentiality and trust.

Our aim is to make the process of doing business with us as quick and easy as possible. Therefore we have developed an easy-to-use online system, which means that our clients can book, amend and cancel bookings directly.
You can access information about your bookings through the portal 24 hours a day, see who has been assigned to an interpreting job and download invoices for previous jobs.
However there is always a member of staff on hand during working hours if you ever need to speak to anyone.

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