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The nature of globalisation means that more and more companies are faced with the need for translation, interpreting and transcription.

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So much can depend on the skill of your interpreter or translator so you need to know that the language services you use are:

accurate: serious mistakes can lead to misunderstandings that might jeopardise a contract or a relationship. Therefore we only include people on our database who have excellent language skills
reliable: interpreters who don’t turn up or translations that don’t arrive on time can have a critical impact on a project’s success. We work regularly with most of our interpreters and translators so we know they are reliable.
easy-to-use: we’ve developed a client portal to make it as easy as possible for you to book an interpreter or translator. What’s more, we aim to provide you with a quote within 30 minutes of your request.

Language Link Plus can supply all your language needs, including:

interpreting : interpreters are hired for a wide variety of situations, including conferences and seminars, meetings and social events.
translation : businesses need to translate all sorts of written material from letters, brochures and websites to reports and manuals.
telephone interpreting : this can be used when you are in the same room as a client as well as when you are speaking from different locations. Telephone interpreting is particularly useful for shorter conversations – and for when you have an immediate requirement and there’s no time to hire a face-to-face interpreter.
transcription : any recording of a meeting, conference or telephone conversation can be transcribed.

Interpreting and translating for England and Wales
We provide interpreters and translators nationwide.

We have provided interpreters to bookings all over England and Wales, including London, Liverpool, Manchester, Bradford, Leeds, Newcastle, Middlesborough, Sheffield, Nottingham, Birmingham, Oxford, Leicester, Cambridge, Canterbury, Exeter, Bristol, Newport, Cardiff and Swansea.

Business areas served

We specialise in the following business areas

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