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We realise that, in business and legal situations, you need material to be translated promptly and sometimes urgently.

Our aim is to make the whole translation process as quick and efficient as possible (without, of course, cutting any corners on accuracy) so that you don’t get frustrated waiting to receive your translation back.

We send you a quote normally within 30 minutes of your request so that you can make a decision to go ahead speedily.

Then we supply one of our experienced translators with the document to be translated together with any specific instructions from you.

Once we’ve received the translated text, we send on the hard copy to you and fax or email you a copy.

Ring (0370) 350 1723 for a telephone quote.

For more information, contact us or email info@languagelinkplus.co.uk

It can be difficult to communicate with clients who are not proficient in English. The problems are that:

• meetings and conversations can be time-consuming
• you can’t be sure that you’ve understood everything that’s been said to you
• and you can’t be sure that everything you’ve tried to communicate has been understood.

Until recently, the only option has been to bring in a face-to-face interpreter, with the associated costs.

Now interpreting offers a new option. All you have to do is to arrange for a telephone interpreter to be available.

You and your client can either be in the same office speaking alternately to the telephone interpreter over the phone. Or if you and your client are communicating by phone, we will set up a conference call so that both parties can speak to the interpreter.

Financially it works well as you are only charged for the amount of time you are directly on the phone (even if you are just speaking for a few minutes), and you don’t have to pay any travelling time for the interpreter.

Ring (0870) 350 1723 for a telephone quote.

For more information, contact us on info@languagelinkplus.co.uk or visit the Telephone Interpreting FAQs.

Language Link Plus provides skilled and experienced interpreters for:

• law courts
• industrial tribunals
• police stations
• hospitals and clinics
• schools
• business meetings
• conferences.

Accuracy is obviously of paramount importance. However there are other areas you need to be confident of:

• situations where interpreters are required can be demanding and technical language skills are not always enough. We only select interpreters who have the necessary personal attributes to maintain confidentiality, treat difficult situations with sensitivity and discharge their overall duties professionally
reliability: we contact each interpreter 48 hours before a booking to confirm their attendance so you can be sure that your interpreter will be there when you need them
continuity: Language Link Plus does its utmost to provide the same interpreter for continuing engagements so you don’t have to waste time briefing new interpreters
• when you book an Language Link Plus interpreter, they become part of your team. Our interpreters are committed and flexible so, for example, if you need them to stay on for longer than they have been booked for, they are happy to do so.

Here are some other reasons why you should choose LLP:

we can cater for all your interpreting needs, even the rarest languages – there are more than 800 languages spoken in the world but we have only ever been unable to supply an interpreter for one language which is spoken by only 70,000 people worldwide
our nationwide database of interpreters means that you are charged less for travelling time
• we have hundreds of interpreters on our database so you won’t have to chase round lots of agencies trying to find an interpreter who speaks the right language and who is available when you want them. We’re a one-stop shop so you only need to make one call and we’ll find an interpreter for you.

Please ring (0370) 350 1723 if you would like a telephone quote. You can also request an email quote via our Interpreting Quote Request form.

For more information, contact us on info@languagelinkplus.co.uk

Language Link Plus can provide transcriptions of recorded speech in English and other languages.

We specialise in the transcription of:

• police-recorded interviews
• recordings intended as evidence in law courts
• meetings and conferences
• recordings of teleconferences
• telephone conversations
• customer service calls.

Transcriptions can be made from the following media: tapes, minidiscs, mini & micro tapes, and WAV & MP3 files.

Ring (0370) 350 1723 for a telephone quote.

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